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Asuka no Mahoroba

「やまとは くにのまほろば 
たたなづく あをかき 
やまごもれる やまとし うるはし」

"Yamato" is the best place in the country.
The mountains overlap like blue hedges, and Yamato, nestled in the midst of them, is beautiful.


"Asuka Mahoroba" is a renovated old private house built in the Edo period in Asuka Village.

The detached house has been reborn as "Mahoro no Yado".

Please enjoy the leisurely flow of time.


The Imura Former House a residence of a wealthy farmer, is said to have been built around Bunsei 3 in the Edo period.

In recent years, this building, which had no inhabitants, has been gradually rehabilitated and revitalized as the “Asuka no Mahoroba” complex.

“Mahoro no Yado” is a private accommodation using the Asuka Mahoroba’s detached house. Using cedar and Japanese cypress from Yoshino in southern Nara Prefecture, it has been made into a relaxing space while retaining its former charm.

“Mahoro” and “Mahoroba” are words found in the aforementioned poem by *Yamato Takeru, and are ancient Japanese words that describe a “wonderful place” or a “comfortable place to live”.

*Yamato Takeru; Prince of the 12th Emperor Keiko. Ancient hero according to the traditions of Kojiki and Nihonshoki.


While utilizing the layout of the original building, Mahoro no Yado underwent various renovations, including making it earthquake resistant.

New Yoshino cedar wood was used for the floors, and mainly white cypress wood was used in other areas, in combination with building materials that were originally used.

The Husuma (sliding doors) in the bedrooms were repaired by a Hyougu-shi (Picture framer) from the original building.

We create spaces by placing importance on the harmony between what was originally there and what is newly added.


Mahoro no yado has a mini-kitchen with a single induction cooktop, sink, and small counter.

Why don’t you cook and enjoy the delicious foods of Asuka Village yourself?

Mahoro no yado are also equipped with a hot water kettle, refrigerator, and microwave, so there is no need to worry about staying with small children or babies.

Brew a cup of delicious coffee or tea and relax while taking a breather.


The bathtub is large enough to stretch your legs and is equipped with the latest features.

Relax and unwind in the large bath after a day of enjoying Asuka Village to the fullest.

The washrooms are also spacious and can be used side by side to get ready in the morning.

Rental bicycles are recommended.

Paid rental bicycles are recommended for sightseeing in Asuka Village.

A wide range of bicycles are available for rent, including bicycles and helmets for children and electric bicycles.

A special web coupon is also available.

For more information, please visit the official WEB site of each bicycle rental service.

Asuka Rental Bicycle Official Website
Rental Bicycle HIMAWARI Official Website

Gourmet Spots in Asuka Village

There are also a variety of restaurants that use fresh ingredients from Asuka Village and the surrounding area.

Look out for cafes popular with women, Halle restaurants, and long-established restaurants serving local cuisine!

There are also restaurants within walking distance from the inn.

Sangimi no yado’s blog has a map of all the restaurants in Asuka Village.

We also recommend restaurants in Asuka Village that are open after 5:00 p.m. and restaurants recommended for dinner in the surrounding area.

Recommended gourmet around Asuka Village


-About Reservation-

For accommodation: Please make a reservation at Airbnb.
Check-in 14: 00-  Check-out -10:00
Please contact us if you need to check in after hours.

-Prohibited Matter-

Please refrain from the noise of midnight and early morning as it may be a nuisance to your neighbors.

Equipment and amenities are at your disposal. Please do not take them home.

This room is non-smoking.