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Asuka no yado

A secluded house in Asuka, the place where Japan began.

A small space of peace where the four gods watch over you.

Feel the breath of ancient times at [Asuka no yado].


“Asuka no Yado” is a vacation rentals located in Asuka Village, Takaichi County, Nara Prefecture.

It features a modern Japanese style interior.
It is a small house with a garden and a Japanese porch.

At the entrance, you’ll be greeted by a figured glass panel in the Showa Era.


The sliding doors in the living room of Asuka no yado feature a Japanese painting named “Four Deities”.

This work of art was painted using the same traditional ink and mineral pigments as the mural paintings found in the Takamatsuzuka and Kitora burial mounds.

It can be viewed only at Asuka no yado.

Sit on a tatami mat, relax, and take your time.

Please enjoy the world of Japanese painting to your heart’s content.


The building has been fully renovated.

It is equipped with a spacious bath with a bathtub where you can stretch your legs.

There is also a kitchen where you can do some simple cooking.

Please lay out futon for the night.

“Asuka no yado” as known by photo and map.


Bicycle rental is recommended for sightseeing in Asuka Village.

“Asuka no yado” also provides one bicycle, but we recommend using the paid rental bicycles in Asuka Village.

A wide range of bicycles are available for rent, including bicycles and helmets for children and electrically power assisted bicycles.

Bicycles can also be delivered to “Asuka no yado”.

For more information, please visit the official “ASUKA RENTAL CYCLING” website.

Gourmet Spots in Asuka Village

There are also a variety of restaurants that use fresh ingredients from Asuka Village and the surrounding area.

Look out for cafes popular with women, restaurants that pursue the finest ingredients, and long-established restaurants serving local cuisine!

sangimi no yado blog has a map of all the restaurants in Asuka Village.

We also recommend restaurants in Asuka Village that are open after 17:00 and restaurants recommended for dinner in the surrounding area.

Gourmet Spots in Asuka Village


“Asuka no yado” is located in the center of Asuka Village, in the Oka district.

There are plenty of nice cafes and restaurants on the approach to Okadera in the neighborhood.

Rental bicycles are recommended for getting around the village.
You can rent bicycles in the vicinity of the Ishibutai Kofun.
“Asuka no yado” also provides one free rental bicycle.

A parking lot is available for one car, making it perfect for traveling by car.

When you are tired after playing a lot, take a break at “Asuka no yado”.
Let “Asuka no yado” be your base for sightseeing in Asuka Village.

Google My Maps – Sights and restaurants within a 15-minute walk.


-About Reservation-

For accommodation: Please make a reservation at Airbnb.

Check-in 14: 00-  Check-out -10:00

Please contact us if you need to check in after hours.

-Prohibited Matter-

Please refrain from the noise of midnight and early morning as it may be a nuisance to your neighbors.

Equipment and amenities are at your disposal.Please do not take them home.

This room is non-smoking. Please be careful about smoking outdoors.

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