sangimi no yado




sano no yado

sano no yado is a nagaya inn that reminds us of the Showa era.

Stay away from the hustle and bustle in front of the station and enjoy a cozy and relaxing Japanese space.


sano no yado is a nagaya type private lodging.

There are two independent inns called sano no yado 1 and 2.

When you come, the cherry blossoms drawn on the wall are a landmark.

(Travel business permit, Osaka Prefecture Directive Environment No. 501-21)


sano no yado 1 and 2 are adjacent and symmetrical inns.

Japanese-style room that serves as a bedroom and living room, Japanese-style room that serves as a storage room, Western-style room in between, kitchen, toilet, shower, and porch.

It is a small apartment that much.

sano room

Equipped with kitchen, washbasin, toilet and shower.

(Toilet and shower are in the same room.)

There is tableware, there is a washing machine, but there is no bed. (Sleeping on a futon.)


The interior is a nostalgic style that retains the atmosphere of the Showa era.

You can spend time in a room with a sofa and TV,

but the main is the Japanese-style room in the back.

Please sit on the tatami mats and relax in the room facing the porch.


-about reservation-

For accommodation: Please make a reservation at airbnb or space market.

Check-in 14;00-   Check-out -10:00

(Please contact us if you are out of hours.)

For hourly rental: Please make a reservation at the space market.

There are telework plans and long-term plans.

-about the room-

Available for parties, lessons, and photography.

Please refrain from the noise of midnight and early morning as it may be a nuisance to your neighbors.

You are free to use the attached equipment. Please refrain from taking it home.

No shoes are allowed in this room.Please take off your shoes at the entrance.

This room is non-smoking. Please refrain from smoking at the front door.