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[Asuka Vil.] In Asuka Village, the ancient capital of Japan, a new private accommodation will be born!


Landscape of Asuka Village.

Sangimi no yado’s third project, “Asuka no yado”, is a private accommodation for rent in a single house.
The grand opening will be held on Friday, March 11, 2022, in Asuka Village, Takaichi County, Nara Prefecture!

Asuka Village is a historical tourist spot in the center of Nara Prefecture.
Asuka Temple, the oldest authentic Buddhist temple in Japan, the Ishibutai Tumulus and other ancient burial mounds, the rice terrace of Oku Asuka, and the clear waters of the Asuka River.
Asuka Village is a place where the good old Japanese landscape still remains.

Asuka Village was the site of the capital of Japan about 1,400 years ago.
This was once the center of Japan and the place where the ancient nation of Japan was formed.
It was here that the ancient nation of Japan was shaped by new ideas, culture, technology, and institutions brought from the continent.
Japan’s first temple buildings, tile roofing, clocks, and money were all born in Asuka.

Even today, with the enactment of the Asuka Law, the historical climate and natural environment have been preserved, leaving behind numerous historical sites and the original landscape of the Japanese people, where time flows leisurely.

Our goal is to continue to enliven the community and create a place for people to gather.
We have been thinking about tourism in Japan and the “goodness” of Japan, and we would like people to see, feel, and know the good old Japanese “original scenery” that exists in Asuka Village.
To achieve this goal, we aimed to create a space where visitors to “Asuka no yado” can relax and feel at ease as if they were at home, and experience the surprises and excitement of the eternal time that has accumulated in the land of Asuka.

“Asuka no yado” will provide you with a comfortable trip.
[Asuka no yado’s GoogleMap]

You can book Asuka no yado through Airbnb. We are now preparing.

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