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Sennan, Senshu. A journey to famous cherry blossom viewing spots [sano no yado | Gomon no yado]


Let’s go to a famous Cherry blossom spot in Sennshu/Sennan!

Since ancient times, Japanese people have loved cherry blossoms as a symbol of spring because of their beauty, dainty appearance, and the way they bloom simultaneously with the arrival of spring and fleetingly fall.
Spiritually and culturally, it is a special flower that evokes special feelings for the Japanese.
In the Kansai, a cherry blossom front arrives around the end of March to the middle of April.
Izumisano City (sano no yado), Kumatori Town (Gomon no yado), and the neighboring cities of Kaizuka, Hannan, and Kishiwada are all famous cherry blossom viewing spots in South Osaka.
There are rows of cherry trees in the city, parks where you can casually go out, hiking spots perfect for cherry blossom viewing with a packed lunch, and much more.
In this article, we will introduce you to the perfect Cherry Blossom spots to go out from each of the hotel.

Many Yoshino cherry and Wild cherry trees bloom.
Cherry blossom trees in Sennan.

Cherry blossom spots in Senshu and Sennan.

Eiraku Dam [Kumatori Town]

  • Eiraku Dam
  • About 25 minutes by bicycle from “Gomon no yado” is “Okuyama Ameyama Nature Park”, a forest park with rich natural forests of red pine and cypress.
    Eiraku Dam, located within the park, is the water source for Kumatori Town and is also a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, selected as one of the “100 best places for greenery in Osaka” and “100 best places for water source forests”.
    The surrounding area is maintained as a 2Km trim course, and approximately 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees are in full bloom.
    On a clear day, hiking to the observatory from which you can see the Izumi-Katsuragi Mt. range and Kansai International Airport is recommended.
    The cherry blossom festival is held every year, and is always crowded with booths.
  • Right at the entrance of the park. Spacious space for picnics and cherry blossom viewing.Okuyama Ameyama Nature Park.
  • There are many ways to enjoy the area: strolling, picnicking, hiking, biking, and many more.View from the top of the dam.
  • It has a spectacular view of Osaka Bay and Kansai International Airport.View from the observation deck.

Eiraku Sakura Festival

In 2023, the Eiraku Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Festival will be held at the Okuyama Ameyama Nature Park.

  • Date

    Eiraku Sakura Festival
    April 2 (Sun), 2023
    10:00 – 15:00
    Cherry Blossom Illumination
    March 25 (Sat) – April 2 (Sun), 2023
    Cherry lights will be on from 18:00 – 21:00.
    Light-up and security period may vary depending on the blooming of the cherry trees.

    Event Details

    Food stall, Handicraft market, etc

  • Venue

    Okuyama Ameyama Nature Park
    27 min. by bicycle from Gomon no yado.

Mizuma Park [Kaizuka City]

  • Mizuma Park
  • Mizuma Park, a 20-minute bicycle ride from Gomon no yado, is a lush green park located on the hill behind Mizuma Temple.
    Mizuma Kannon and the surrounding area have been selected as one of the “100 best places for greenery in Osaka.” Within the park, there are forests of kojii and arakashi oak trees, as well as deciduous trees such as abemaki and konara oak.
    The park is also known as a cherry blossom viewing spot, with 350 Yoshino cherry trees in full bloom in the spring.
    Mizuma-dera Temple, located next to the park, is an ancient temple widely known as the Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) and is also famous for its good fortune in marriage.
    It is recommended that you visit the temple when you go to Mizuma Park.
  • Spacious lawn. Some people sit or lie down directly on it.A pleasant plaza with well-kept lawn.
  • There are cherry blossom viewing points throughout the park.A carpet of cherry blossoms appears in the park.
  • The brightly colored Taiko-bashi (atched bridge) is one of the symbols of the park.Impressive Taiko-bashi (arched bridge).

Yamanakadani [Hannan City]

  • JR Yamanakadani Sta.
  • If you are planning to go out by train, take a train bound for Wakayama from Kumatori Sta., and the sixth stop, Yamanakadani Sta., is recommended.
    About 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees and Wild cherry trees are in full bloom, and Bonbori (paper lanterns) are lit along the river, creating a fantastic scene at night.
    During this season, many railway fans take their cameras to the station to take pictures of the cherry blossoms and trains.
    Within walking distance is Jifuku-ji Temple, where Weeping cherry trees bloom, and the elegant townscape, making it an enjoyable area for a stroll.
    The cherry blossom festival is held every year at “Wampaku Kingdom,” a municipal park with free admission.
  • These cherry trees were first planted to revive the rich nature around Yamanakadani, an area where the old townscape of Kishu-kaido remains.Take a walk along the Yamanaka River, admiring the rows of cherry trees.
  • The planting of cherry trees began in the 1960s, and the area is now lined with magnificent cherry trees.Many visitors bring picnic sheet and Lunch Box.
  • During the time when the trains enter, many people show up with cameras ready to shoot.Capture the collaboration of cherry blossoms and trains in your photos.

Sakura Festival – Hana-Kaido 2023 Yamanakadani

In 2023, the “Sakura Festival” will be held at Yamanakadani.

  • Date

    April 2 (Sun), 2023
    10:00 – 16:00

    Event Details

    Waidaiko (Japanese drum), Yosakoi (dance originating in Kōchi Prefecture using naruko), Erhu (Chinese violin) performance, Hannan Brass Band, etc.
    Street Marché
    Kitchen cars, Market, Workshops, etc.

  • Venue

    Wampaku Kingdom
    (3min. walk from Yamanakadani Station)

Hine Shrine & Oiseki Park [Izumisano City]

  • Oiseki Park
  • Oiseki Park, which can be reached by bus from the bus stop in front of Izumisano Sta., is home to 600 Yoshino cherry trees and is the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Izumisano City.
    Adjacent to Hine Shrine, the fifth shrine in Izumi-no-kuni, the park is rich in natural beauty, stretching across the middle reaches of the Kashii River valley that runs east to west through Izumisano City.
    Although the park is small in size, it attracts many visitors during the cherry blossom season.
    In the center of the park is Roji Valley, which is located in the middle reaches of the Kashii River.
    This ravine has been selected as one of the “100 best places for greenery in Osaka”.
    The “Sakura Festival” is held on the first Sunday of April every year, and is always a lively event.
  • Between Hine Shrine and the park is Roji Valley, a ravine in the middle of the Kashii River.The park is visited by many locals.
  • During the spring festival Makura (pillow) Matsuri (held every May), a mikoshi (portable shrine) and a makura banner with pillows attached to it walk through the shrine's parishioners' neighborhoods.Hine Shrine is located adjacent to Oiseki Park.
  • It is believed to protect the bedroom, a place of rest and relaxation after a day's work, and is believed to be beneficial to those who have trouble sleeping.Hinane Shrine is the only shrine in Japan dedicated to the pillow.

Ebuno Izuminomori Hall [Izumisano City]

  • Ebuno Izuminomori Hall
  • Izuminomori Hall, a multi-purpose hall, is located 10 minutes by bicycle from sano no yado.
    It is located on the same site as the municipal central library, the Rekishikan (History Museum) Izumisano, and Izumisano City Lifelong Learning Center, all of which together are named the Izumisano City Cultural Center.
    It is also a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, and visitors can enjoy the rows of about 100 Yoshino cherry trees in season.
    Dambara Park, located near Izumisano Hall, also has many cherry trees, and locals can be seen strolling along the park while enjoying the cherry blossoms.
  • One of the local citizens' favorite places to relax.Civic hall for concerts and other performances.
  • A cherry blossom spot known by those in the know in Izumisano City.A hidden cherry blossom spot in Izumisano City.
  • Take a walk in a pleasant waterside setting under cherry blossoms in full bloom.The surrounding area is also filled with cherry trees.

Kishiwada Castle [Kishiwada City]

  • Kishiwada Castle
  • Also known as Chikiri Castle. Kishiwada Castle is one of the symbols of Kishiwada City, famous for the Danjiri Festival held in the fall.
    The main garden is designated as a national place of scenic beauty, and the castle ruins are designated as a historic site by the Osaka Prefectural Government.
    It has been selected as one of the “100 best places for greenery in Osaka”, and during the cherry blossom season, many people visit the area to view the cherry blossoms.
  • The castle is also called Chikiri Castle because the shape of the main and second castle in a row resembles a Chikiri (a tool used to wind the warp threads of a loom).It is also known as “Chikiri Castle”.
  • Many people take pictures of the castle and cherry blossoms.The outside of the moat is filled with cherry trees.
  • Note that during cherry blossom season, there are many people even on weekdays.You can enjoy the castle from various angles.

The 67th Kishiwada Castle Festival

In 2023, the 67th Kishiwada Castle Festival will be held at Kishiwada Castle Ninomaru Plaza.

  • Date

    April 1 (Sat) – April 15 (Sat), 2023
    On April 1 (Sat), 2 (Sun), 7 (Fri) to 9 (Sun), Kishiwada Castle is open at night until 20:30 (admission to the keep is 20:00).

    Event Details

    Senshu product fair and kitchen car stalls
    April 1 (Sat), 2 (Sun), 2023
    10:00 – 16:00
    Sand Crest Pulling Experience
    April 1 (Sat), 2023
    [Part 1] 10:00 – 12:00
    [Part 2] 13:00 – 15:00
    Kishiwada City Website – The 67th Kishiwada City Castle Festival (2023)

  • Venue

    Kishiwada Castle Ninomaru Plaza [Kishiki-cho]
    12min. walk from Kishiwada Sta. Or a 7min. walk from Takojizo Sta.



A map of the cherry blossom viewing spots mentioned in this article is available.

Sennan Cherry Blossom Viewing Map


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