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The following is a list of events, deals, and attractions near the inn from "Sangimi no Yado".

Let’s go sightseeing by bicycle in Izumisano & Kumatori Town with Google Map



Let’s go sightseeing in Senshu by bicycle!

South Osaka is full of nature!
sano no yado” in Izumisano City near the sea and “Gomon no yado” in Kumatori Town near the satoyama, both are located close to the sea and mountains.
Although some roads have many traffic lights, both locations offer pleasant cycling.
On sunny days, many cyclists visit various parts of Senshu.

Kansai International Airport can be seen on the opposite shore.
A view from Rinku Park

From “sano no yado”, we recommend a course that takes you along the refreshing coastline overlooking Kansai International Airport while visiting “Sano Machiba,” which retains the atmosphere of the Edo period, and fishing ports.
From “Gomon no yado”, how about a course that takes you further away from Eiraku Dam and Okuyama Ameyama Nature Park to enjoy the natural beauty of Mizumadera Temple in Kaizuka City and Izumikatsuragi Mountain on the border with Wakayama Prefecture?
Each course offers a unique cycling experience.

Recommended Cycling Map

“Google My Maps” is available.

“Sangimi no Yado” has created a Google My Map so that visitors to Senshu can enjoy cycling.
Please take a look at it not only for cycling, but also for driving and strolling.


*Some store hours and holidays may have changed due to the spread of COVID-19 infection. Please check with the stores in advance of your visit.

About Bicycle Rental Service

Free bicycle rental at the inn

  • “Gomon no yado” and sano no yado offer two bicycles for rent.
    “Gomon no yado” has one cross bike permanently available for rent.
    A second bike (city bike) is available upon request.
    It may take some time. Please request in advance.

    Two city bikes are available for use at “sano no yado”.
    They are available for use by all guests of the inn. Please feel free to use them.

    If you have been drinking, please do not ride a bicycle, but always walk or take a cab.

    Driving a car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. after consuming alcohol is illegal as “driving under the influence of alcohol”.
    You will be punished by imprisonment or a fine.

  • Cross bikes available at

Municipal rental bicycle service

Both Izumisano City and Kumatori Town municipalities offer bicycle rental services.
Some municipalities offer electric-assist bicycles, although there is a charge for this service.
If you need a different type of bicycle than the one provided at the inn, or if you are traveling a long distance, or if you need a large number of bicycles, please use this service.

  • Izumisano-shi “Sano-chari”

    The “Sano-Chari” bicycle rental service in Izumisano can be rented at two locations: “Izumisano Tourist Information Center” near Izumisano Station on the Nankai Electric Railway line, and “C’s Racquet Club”, a tennis club in Rinku Town.
    Each rental location has different prices, available hours, and types of bicycles, and it is not possible to ride off or return bicycles to a different rental location.
    For more information, please see the links below.

  • Kumatori-cho “Meji-chari”

    The Kumatori Cho’ s rental bicycle service, “Meji-chari,” can be rented at the Kumatori Cho Tourist Information Center located below the JR Kumatori Station station.
    In addition to bicycles with gearboxes for 300 yen, electric bicycles can be rented for 400 yen.
    For more information, please see the link below.

Some services are easily available on your phone.

Izumisano-Shi offers the PiPPA shared cycle service, where bicycles can be rented easily via a dedicated app.
You can get on and off at any PiPPA port (designated bicycle parking area).
There is also a PiPPA port near “sano no yado”, which is perfect for outings to Rinku Town, which has outlets and other facilities.
If the number of bicycles available for rent at sano no yado is not enough, please consider using this service.
For more information, please see the following link.

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