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“Gomon no yado” as known by photo and map.


gomon no yado

Stylish studio in Kumatori-cho, rich in nature. [Gomon no yado]

“Gomon no yado” is a stylish rental space in Kumatori-cho, Senshu, Osaka.
Renovated from a former restaurant, this private accommodation and rental space features high ceilings and a dirt floor.
Plastered wall and old Italian tile floors create a warm and relaxing space.
This article introduces the facilities and equipment provided at “Gomon no yado,” along with photos.
We have also included information on the surrounding area, so please take a look!

Gomon no yado
Gomon no yado

About the room

A studio with high ceilings and a dirt floor.

The main features of “Gomon no yado” are its high ceilings and modern earthen floor.
“Gomon no yado” is a place where you can enjoy playing musical instruments during the daytime without worrying about noise.
Since “Gomon no yado” is located in a corner of a concrete building, the sound resonates well, and there are people who come back repeatedly to play their instruments.
Dogs, cats, and other pets are allowed in the stylish earthen floor.
Large dogs are also allowed! You can spend a pleasant time with your dog or cat.

  • Floor plan of sano no yado.
  • Floor plan of Gomon no yado.

    This studio has everything you need, including a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and shower space.


“Gomon no yado” is located on the first floor of the “SanGimignano Bldg”.
Under the “Gomon no yado” sign is the entrance to the independent inn.

  • San Gimignano Bldg.The entrance to Gomon no yado is on the right side of the building.“SanGimignano Bldg”.
  • There is running water by the entrance.There is running water by the entrance.。
  • Interior entranceInterior entrance. Keys are delivered by key box.
  • Bicycle rental is available.

    “Gomon no yado” has 2 rental bicycles available.They are available for use by any guest.

  • Bicycle

Dirt floor/Kitchen

Dirt floor/Kitchen
Dirt floor/Kitchen

Upon entering the front door, a dirt floor runs from the outside corridor to the back of the room.
The dirt floor is paved with brown bricks and is pet-friendly!


There is a small, but fully equipped kitchen in the dirt floor.
There are basic cooking utensils and seasonings, as well as a refrigerator, rice cooker, and electric kettle.
There is also a microwave oven and toaster in the living room, so you can enjoy cooking a variety of dishes.

  • A dirt floor leading from the outside corridor. Pets are allowed only in the earthen floor area.A dirt floor leading from the outside corridor. Pets are allowed only in the earthen floor area.
  • The kitchen, monitor, and sofa are lined up on the right side of the room as you enter through the entrance, and the piano is located at the back of the room.The kitchen, monitor, and sofa are lined up on the right side of the room as you enter through the entrance, and the piano is located at the back of the room.
  • The kitchen has two gas stoves.A dust box is available in the kitchen.Garbage is placed in the dust box and disposed of separately.The kitchen has two gas stoves.A dust box is available in the kitchen.Garbage is placed in the dust box and disposed of separately.

Other dirt floor areas

Other items available in the dirt floor are a sofa bed, piano, monitor with “Amazon Fire TV” and Blu-ray player.
The sofa bed can be moved and used as a bed when 3 or more guests stay.
Piano is available for anyone who stays at “Gomon no yado”.
*Please be careful not to let pets or children tamper with it.
Monitors cannot watch terrestrial TV, but a DVD/Blu-ray player and Amazon Fire TV Stick are available.
When using the Amazon Fire TV Stick, please log in with your own account.

  • Sofa bed in the dirt floor.Sofa bed in the dirt floor.
  • Classical piano. Please feel free to play.Classical piano. Please feel free to play.
  • The dirt floor seen from the wooden flooring seating area.The dirt floor seen from the wooden flooring seating area.

Living & Bed space

Living & Bed space
Bed space

The living room and bed space are floored. Please take off your footwear and come up.
Here you will find two beds, a zataku for four persons, and a zabuton for the number of persons.
A microwave, toaster, and various tableware can be found on a shelf by the zabuton. Please feel free to use them.
Please refrain from using beds if you are using Gomon no yado as a rental space.

  • A seating area and shelves. There are dishes in the shelves and a microwave and toaster on top.A seating area and shelves. There are dishes in the shelves and a microwave and toaster on top. The compact stereo shown in the photo is not currently installed.
  • Bedding is adjusted according to the season.Bedding is adjusted according to the season.

Shower & Bathroom

There is a shower room and lavatory at the rear of the living room and bed space.
The shower room does not have a bathtub. Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are provided.
There is also a washbasin in the restroom, where you can find toothbrushes and other amenities.
There is also a simple closet and hangers between the shower room and the restroom. A clothes steamer is also available.

  • Shower roomShower room
  • Bathroom and washbasinBathroom and washbasin.
  • Simple closetSimple closet


Facilities & Equipment

About Wi-Fi

Service provider: J-COM
Communication speed: 5GHz band – approx. 250Mbps 2.4GHz band – approx. 45Mbps
Free rental pocket wifi is available.
Please let us know if you need it when you make a reservation.
Please be sure to return it when you check out.
If the total amount of data transmission over 3 days exceeds 10 GB, the speed will be limited to 1 Mbps or less during nighttime hours (busy time zone) from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the following day.

Infection control measures

Ventilation available (with windows and exhaust fans)
Cleaned each time by cleaning staff (*No self-cleaning by guests)
Sterilized and disinfected every time. Sterilization products are provided.
The space is spacious enough to maintain social distance.


There are no stairs in our inn.
There are steps between the dirt floor and the wooden floor. Please check the picture.
Wheelchairs and baby strollers can be folded and placed in the dirt floor area.

Facilities at the Inn

  • Living and bed space

    • 2 single beds
    • 1 double sofa bed
    • Air-conditioning and Heating facilities
    • Mini table
    • Zataku (low table) (seating for 4 people)
    • Zabuton (cushion) x8
    • 2 chairs
    • Display, Amazon Fire TV, Blu-ray/DVD player
  • Bed & Sofa bed

  • Kitchen Equipments

    • Gas stove x1
    • Microwave oven
    • Toaster
    • Refrigerator with freezing function
  • Cookware

    • Frying pan
    • Saucepan
    • Cutting boards
    • Kitchen knife
    • Cooking chopsticks x 2
    • Cooking spatula
    • Ladle
    • Tongs

  • Tableware & Cutlery

    • Square plate ×2
    • Large plate ×2
    • Medium plate ×8
    • Small plate ×5
    • Rice bowl ×2
    • Tea bowl ×5
    • Mugs ×4
    • Glass ×8
    • Large fork ×4
    • Fork small ×3
    • Large spoons ×4
    • Spoon small ×3
  • Tableware & Cutlery

  • Shower room/Bathroom

    • Shower room – no bathtub
    • Toilet
    • Mirror – washbasin x 1, posture mirror x 1
    • Washbasin x 1
    • Bath towel
    • Towel
    • Bath mat
    • Hair dryer
    • Laundry space – located outside
    • Detergent
    • Cleaning kit



    • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap
    • Toothbrush
  • Glass


  • A parking lot is available. Parking is available for up to two private cars.
  • Bicycle rental is available. Please inquire if you wish to use them.

Neighborhood Information

Gomon no yado is located in Kumatori-cho, Sennan County, Osaka Prefecture.
Kumatori-cho is full of nature, including cherry blossoms around the “Eiraku Dam”.
The nearest station, JR Kumatori Station, is a stop on the rapid train line, providing easy access to both Osaka City and Wakayama Prefecture.

Location of Inn

The area where Gomon no yado is located has an elementary school nearby, which creates an active atmosphere during the daytime, but a quieter environment at night.
Although there are few restaurants in the area, there is a supermarket a minute’s walk away, which is very convenient.

Nearest Station – JR Kumatori Sta.

JR Kumatori Station. From the rotary in front of the station, there is a cluster of bus stations that go to various places in Kumatori-cho and Izumisano City.
JR Kumatori Station.

JR Kumatori Station is a stop for rapid trains. JR Hineno Station is a branch station of the JR Hanwa Line and the Kansai Airport Line.
It has good access not only to Osaka City but also to Wakayama Prefecture, and is only three stations away from Kansai International Airport Station, providing excellent access to the airport.
There is a roundabout on the east exit side of the picture, which is convenient for taking local buses, community buses, and cabs.

  • JR Kumatori Sta. - East Exit
  • Kumatori tourist information center

    “Kumatori tourist information center” is located at the bottom of the stairs at the east exit of Kumatori Station.
    You can receive various services and information such as distribution of town maps and timetables, use of rental bicycles in the town, and so on.
    It is also recommended for waiting for the bus on rainy days.

Tourist Attractions

Eiraku Dam
Okuyama Ameyama Nature Park – The location in the photo is around the “Eiraku Dam” in the park.

Kumatori-cho belongs to Sennan-gun, Osaka Prefecture, together with “Tajiri Town” and “Misaki Town. It is adjacent to Izumisano-shi and Kaizuka-shi, and is a satoyama town that retains much of its natural beauty.
“Okuyama Ameyama Nature Park” is a spacious park of 130 hectares that includes the Eiraku Dam, which is the source of water for Kumatori-cho.
Natural forests such as red pines and cypresses thrive in abundance, and approximately 1,000 Someiyoshino cherry trees are planted around the Nagaraku Dam, which has been selected as one of the 100 most beautiful green areas in Osaka.
Other highlights include “the Naka Family Residence”, an important cultural property that preserves the Edo period house of a village headman and wealthy farmer, and is open to the public.
It is a short walk from “Gomon no yado”.

  • Eiraku Dam seen from the observatory.Kansai International Airport can be seen in the upper left of the screen.Eiraku Dam
  • The Naka Family Residence is a modern-day version of an Edo period house of a village headman and wealthy farmer.The Naka Family Residence
  • Kumatori Community Center - Rengakan is a preserved and restored cotton cloth factory built in the early Showa period.Kumatori Community Center – Rengakan
  • Nagaike Oasis Park with lotus that can only be seen here.Nagaike Oasis Park
  • Rinku Premium Outlets in Izumisano City.Rinku Premium Outlets
  • Mizuma Temple in Kaizuka City.Mizuma Temple

Supermarket/Dry Cleaning

A supermarket “Matsugen Kumatori Gomon” is located 1-minute walk away.
It is open until 9:00 p.m. and also has a laundry service called “France-ya”.



The nearest drugstore, “Kirindo Kumatori Store” is about 12-minutes away on foot or 4 or 5 minutes by bicycle.
Near this store, there is also “Cocokara Fine Kumatori Store” which is attached to a supermarket “Mandai”, a hundred-yen store “Celia”, and an electronics retail store “EDION”.
Please use the drugstore according to your needs.


Convenience Store

“FamilyMart Kumatori Gomon Store” is located 2 minutes on foot.
Please be careful on the way to the store as there are many cars on the way.


Sento (Public Baths)/Hot spring baths

If you can use your own car, we recommend “Misasa-no-Yu” in Kaizuka-shi.
The spa features a wide variety of indoor and open-air baths, including natural hot spring water that gushes 620 meters underground, man-made carbonated spring, and baths with fine bubbles.
At the “Sasa-bi-bo” bedrock bath corner, which is available for an extra charge, there are five different types of bedrock baths with high beauty effects, as well as a corner where you can read as many books and magazines as you like and a relaxing space.
*Bedrock bath corner is available only for 13 years old and older.
The facility also has a restaurant, massage, esthetic salon, and haircut salon, where you can relax and refresh yourself throughout the day.
Towel rental service is also available for a fee.
Misasa-no-Yu Official WEB site *Japanese Only


Clinic & Pharmacy

If you feel ill during your stay, there is a “Kimoto Internal Medicine Clinic” located 7 minutes away on foot.
If you wish to see a doctor, please be sure to contact “Kimoto Internal Medicine” before coming to the hospital.
There is also a dispensing pharmacy, “Doumyo Pharmacy”, right next to Kimoto Internal Medicine.
*In case of a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, please contact the local public health center to prevent new coronavirus infection. Information on how to contact the public health center is posted at the inn.





“Gomon no yado” reservations and more information can be found on “Airbnb”.

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