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[Izumisano City] Hiking in Hineno and Kaminogo! Let’s go see the rows of plum trees along the Kashii River.



In Kumatori Town, where “gomon no yado” is located, the plum tree has been selected as the town tree.
From mid-February every year, plum blossoms bloom in various places in the town, adding color to the end of winter.
The town’s bird, the Japanese white-eye, and other wild birds can also be seen in the area.


Plum blossoms along the Kashii River in 2021

The followings were taken along the Kashii River on February 10.
This year, the beginning of February in Osaka Prefecture has been warmer than usual, and the Osaka Castle Plum Grove and Expo Park have already been reported to be in full bloom.
When I heard this information, I went to see what was going on around here.
I went to check out the area along the Kashii River.


February 10.

Most of the plum trees are still in the bud stage.
Most of the plum trees with flowers were red plum trees.
However, as you can see from the photo, there were plum trees as far as the eye could see.
You can see how beautiful they are when they are in full bloom.


February 19.

The middle of the week was very cold with flurries of snow, which is rare in Osaka, but the weather suddenly improved from this day.
The white plum trees are beginning to bloom. The contrast between the blue of the sky, the blue of the Kashii River, and the green of the mountains and fields is beautiful.
There were even a few people out for a walk this day.
The temperature is expected to rise over the weekend and the weather will continue to be sunny for a while, so the blossoms may bloom all at once.


February 22.

The trees were in full bloom as expected, and the nice fragrance of plum blossoms wafted around us.
These plum trees line both banks of the river.
Some of them are in full bloom, but there are many more to come, so it looks like we will be able to enjoy flower viewing for a while.
People in the neighborhood were enjoying the coming of spring, taking a walk and taking pictures.


🆕March 4.

I have the impression that many trees are past full bloom and beginning to fall.
There was a rainy and windy day earlier this week, and the flowers had fallen off.
The weather is supposed to start going downhill tomorrow, with more rainy days to come, so the best time to view the flowers will be coming to an end.
We had a lot of warm days this year, so the full bloom seemed to be a little early.


Let’s go hiking!

This area is a little far from both “gomon no yado” and “sano no yado”, but it is also a spot where you can easily enjoy a trip by train or bus.
It is also close to shrines and temples such as “Hine Shrine” and “Ogami Shrine”, as well as parks such as “Izumisano hilly park”, making it a good place for hiking.
Therefore, we have created a recommended hiking course.


📍Hiking course from shrines and temples in Hineno to plum trees lining the Kashii River

ℹHow to get to the hiking trail from “gomon no yado”.

(1) Take a bus bound for “Izumisano Sta” from “Asawaguchi bus stop” on the Nankai Bus Kumatori Yamate Line, and get off at “Kumatori Sta bus stop”.
(2) Take a train bound for Kansai Airport or Wakayama from “Kumatori Sta” and get off at “Hineno Sta”.
(3) Take the Nankai Bus “721/722/723/724” Inunaki Line, bound for Inunaki-yama, from the “Hineno Sta bus stop”, and get off at the Kunoki bus stop.

ℹHow to get to the hiking trail from “sano no yado”.

(1) Take the Nankai Bus “721/722/723/724” Inunaki Line, bound for Inunaki-yama, from the “Izumisano Sta bus stop”, and get off at the Kunoki bus stop.

A link to the timetable is included in the station and bus stop information in the map.

It’s a bit of a hassle to get there from “gomon no yado”, but from “sano no yado”, it’s easy to get there with just one bus.
The hiking route ends at “Nagataki Sta (next to Hineno Sta)”.
If you take the train from here, you can return to the inn from “Hineno Sta” or “Kumatori Sta”.


If you want to walk a bit more…

You can also try walking from “Nagataki Sta” to “Hineno Sta”.
It is 1.5 km long and takes about 20 minutes, but you won’t get lost as you walk straight along the railroad tracks while watching the trains running by.
However, there are many narrow streets in Hineno, some without sidewalks, and some with a lot of traffic.
Please be careful when you go out, and enjoy your hike!


ℹTourism Informationℹ

⛩Japan Heritage Hinenosho

🌳Izumisano hilly green space

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