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The following is a list of events, deals, and attractions near the inn from "Sangimi no Yado".

Shop at Rinku Premium Outlets!


Rinku Premium Outlets

“Rinku Premium Outlets” is the largest hot spot in Sennan.

Shopping is probably the best part of traveling for many people.
It is not uncommon for people to plan trips abroad for shopping.
Rinku Premium Outlets is the best place to go if you want to enjoy shopping to the fullest at the best price.

Main side area seen from the pedestrian bridge on the Rinku Town Station side.
Main side area seen from the pedestrian bridge on the Rinku Town Station side.

Although only a 6-minute walk from Rinku Town Station, this is a truly “premium” outlet with approximately 250 stores of famous Japanese and foreign brands in a seaside commercial facility with an extraordinary atmosphere.
Why don’t you enjoy a shopping spree at Rinku Premium Outlets at the end of your trip?

Introduction to Rinku Premium Outlets

“Rinku Premium Outlets” is located on the opposite shore from Kansai International Airport.
It will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020, and has undergone a major expansion and renovation.
It is the second largest outlet mall in Japan after “Gotemba Premium Outlets” and the largest in western Japan.
It has about 250 stores! Nearby are a Ferris wheel overlooking Kansai International Airport, a public bath and spa, and a green seaside park run by the prefectural government, as well as a wide variety of restaurants and duty-free stores.

  • Next to the outlet is the Rinku landmark.

    A pedestrian bridge provides access to the “Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle”, where the Giant Ferris Wheel “Rinku no Hoshi”, one of Rinku’s landmarks, is located.
    In the background is the “Rinku Gate Tower Building”, the third tallest building in Japan.

  • 'Rinku Gate Tower Building' and 'Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle.'

The mall’s streetscape is inspired by the historic American port city of Charleston.

Rinku Premium Outlets stands on the seafront overlooking Osaka Bay.
The spacious main side area with its light-colored buildings, stone pavement, blue parasols and benches, and palm trees is designed in the image of “Charleston,” the oldest port city in South Carolina, U.S.A., giving it a relaxing resort atmosphere as if time is passing slowly.

  • Main side area streetscape.Pastel-colored buildings, palm trees, and a nearby Ferris wheel create an extraordinary atmosphere.
  • The combination of white buildings and blue parasols against the blue sky is refreshing.Tables and benches with parasols are set up throughout the mall.

The newly added “Seaside area” is directly connected to Rinku Park, which has Rinku Marble Beach, and features a grassy plaza and a sense of openness.
In the evening, you can see the same sunset from “Marble Beach”, which has been selected as one of the best 100 sunsets in Japan.

  • Seaside Park with pleasant sea breezes.If you get tired of shopping, take a break while watching airplanes take off from Kansai International Airport.
  • Sunset from Seaside Park.Sunset from Seaside Park. On clear days, they sometimes announce the time of sunset in the outlet.

Seaside park with the outlet’s first on-site glamping facility

Seaside Park, a vast lawn area of approximately 20,000 square meter, connects the adjacent Prefectural Seaside Park “Symbol Green Space” and “Seaside Green Space”.
Here, the outlet’s first glamping facility has been set up, allowing visitors to enjoy urban glamping as if they were visiting a resort, right on the outlet’s premises.
It can be used not only for overnight stays, but also for day-trip BBQs and parties.

  • “Snow Peak” also offers mobile houses.

    “JYUBAKO,” a mobile houses jointly developed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma and outdoor brand “Snow Peak”, is permanently installed in the building.

  • Wooden trailer house 'JYUBAKO'.

Featured Shops!

The biggest attraction of the outlets is the dizzying number of stores to visit.
The number of stores and the size of “Rinku Premium Outlets” are so vast that you will not be able to visit all of them even if you had a whole day to spare.
It is recommended to check the official website in advance to see what kind of stores are in the outlet to enjoy a smooth shopping experience.
The outlets, lined with a wide variety of stores from Japan and abroad, offer familiar brands as well as hard-to-reach luxury brands, Depakos, watches, suitcases, sportswear, luxury tableware and cookware, snacks and foodstuffs, and souvenirs from your travels.
In particular, the lineup of international luxury brands and sports and outdoor brands has been expanded, making it an increasingly popular spot for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Main side area

Recommended in the main side area are delicious chocolates, cosmetics, innerwear, and kitchen goods.
As for apparel, casual wear stores are gaining popularity.


Chocolate, perfect for a shopping break!

  • Godiva's Chocolixir.
  • The chocolate maker Godiva’s Chocolixir, which is a favorite of the Belgian royal family, has been a popular product at Rinku Premium Outlets for many years.
    The ice cream is very popular in summer and hot in winter, and people stand in line on holidays.
    There is also a store where you can buy Godiva sweets and ice cream, which is also very popular. The out-of-season sweets are especially popular, and are sold at surprisingly low prices.
    The outlet also has a store for Swiss chocolate brand Lindt and a Kit Kat store in the seaside area, where you can find products from all over Japan.
  • GodivaGodiva has opened a store in Rinku Premium Outlets for many years.
  • Lindt Chocolat Boutique & CaféChocolate drinks are also available at the “Lindt Chocolat Boutique & Café”.
  • Kit Kat“Kit Kat” is a store in Seaside area. The popular Kit Kat Chocolatry is also available.


Innerwear & Loungewear

  • Lingerie brand 'Triumph'.
  • Innerwear, which is not easily influenced by fads and fashions, is one of the items recommended for bargain shopping at outlets.
    Rinku Premium Outlets offers a wide range of brands popular among men and women of all ages, including “Wacoal”, “Triumph”, “PeachJohn”, “Gunze”, and “FUKUSUKE”.
    There is also a store for “Gerard Pique”, a loungewear brand popular among women, where you can find a complete set of wear to enjoy your time at home.


Cookware & Tableware

  • Store for
  • Outlet offers a variety of cookware and tableware brands that combine practicality and design at affordable prices.
    The outlet offers a wide range of kitchenware brands that are coveted, including French cookware maker “T-fal”, “Staub”, popular stoneware brand “Le Creuset”, and German manufacturers “Fissler” and “ZWILLING”.
    As for tableware, brand tableware such as “Wedgwood,” “Royal Copenhagen,” Scandinavian design brand “Iittala,” and Japanese tableware brand “Tachikichi” are also featured.
    The popular “Thermos” brand of insulated containers has also joined the store.
  • T-falLook for popular electric kettles and irons at T-fal.
  • Thermos“Thermos” offers great deals on popular items such as water bottles and soup jars.
  • Wedgwood, Royal Copenhagen, IittalaWestern tableware brands are concentrated in the “Seaside Area”.


Cosmetics & Beauty

  • 'The Cosmetics Company Store' offers great deals on cosmetics such as Estee Lauder and Clinique.
  • “Rinku Premium Outlets” has two cosmetic select stores.
    One offers Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Aramis.
    The other offers cosmetics and perfumes from famous overseas brands such as Lancome, Shu Uemura, Helena Rubinstein, and others, all at outlet prices.
    Special items only available at the outlet are also available, so be sure to stop by.

Seaside Area

The Seaside area has undergone a major store change during the fifth phase of expansion in 2020, expanding the lineup of international luxury brands and sports and outdoor brands.
The seaside location has also made it an even better spot for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.


Luxury Brands

  • Burberry
  • One of the best parts of outlet shopping is shopping at luxury brands.
    At Rinku Premium Outlets, you will find numerous luxury brands such as “Burberry”, “FENDI”, “KENZO”, “ARMANI”, “ETRO”, “Salvatore Ferragamo”, and “Versace”.
    “Saint Laurent” is featured in the limited time store. In the past, luxury brand stores such as “PRADA” have also been housed here.
  • FENDI“FENDI” is one of Italy’s leading fashion brands. There are only two outlets in Japan.
  • KENZO“KENZO” is a French fashion brand founded by designer Kenzo Takada.
  • Saint Laurent (Limited time store)Saint Laurent for a limited time store.


Get all the trendy outdoor gear you need at the outlet!

  • Snow Peak
  • As mentioned earlier, “Rinku Premium Outlets” has expanded its lineup of sports and outdoor brands.
    The outdoor brand “Snow Peak,” which originated in Niigata Prefecture, is attracting particular attention for its high-end outdoor items and clothing created with Japanese manufacturing techniques.
    Sample tents have actually been built in front of the store, and a restaurant attached to the store serves food prepared using “Snow Peak” cooking goods.
    Other brands such as “Coleman,” “The North Face,” and “Logos” offer a wide variety of camping equipment.
  • LOGOS“LOGOS” is actually a Japanese outdoor brand, originating in Osaka.
  • THE NORTH FACEThe North American outdoor brand “THE NORTH FACE”. In Japan, bags for town use are also popular.
  • Coleman“Coleman”, a long-established outdoor brand, opened a store in the main side area.

Many outdoor stores have manufacturers that specialize in mountaineering, skiing, and other outdoor sports.
Warm, lightweight, and durable down and shoes that can withstand snow and climbing are very useful in all winter situations.
If you want to start trekking or climbing, or if you are looking to stock up on equipment, these stores are a must-see.

  • Arc'teryxRock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, trekking, hiking. “Arc’teryx” is a high-end manufacturer of mountain-related clothing and gear.
  • MAMMUT“Mammut” offers a range of highly functional alpine equipment packed with knowledge and experience in the Alps.
  • ColumbiaFor clothing suitable for outdoor sports performed in natural environments, go to “Columbia”.


Sportswear, Shoes & Equipment

  • Nike
  • Sports-related stores have been popular since the opening of “Rinku Premium Outlets”.
    The stores include major sporting goods manufacturers such as “Nike” and “Adidas”, specialty stores specializing in golf and tennis equipment, and manufacturers of authentic sportswear essential for athletes.
  • DESCENTE“DESCENTE” is a Japanese sportswear manufacturer. “DESCENTE” is a Japanese sportswear manufacturer, famous for its “Mizusawa Down,” which was made for the official sportswear of the Japanese Olympic team at the Vancouver Olympics.
  • ASICSASICS is a major Japanese sporting goods manufacturer.
  • Bridgestone Golf PlazaThere are also many specialty stores for golf equipment. This is Bridgestone’s golf store.

Gourmet at Outlet

No matter how much fun you have shopping, you may get hungry and tired after visiting many stores.
Many people want to sit back, relax, and be pampered with delicious food.
“Rinku Premium Outlets” has several restaurants and a food court in both the main and seaside areas.
Let’s start with the food court.

Food court

Rinku Dining
Exterior view of Rinku Dining.

Main area “World Gourmet Junction”

  • World Gourmet Junction
  • “World Gourmet Junction” is a food court where you can enjoy international meals.
    A wide variety of dishes are offered, including ramen, sushi, takoyaki, bibimbap, omelette rice, crepes, and waffles.
    With plenty of seating, it is recommended for large groups or those who want a quick meal in a limited amount of time.

Seaside area “RINKU Dining”

  • RINKU Dining
  • The “Rinku Dining” food court in the seaside area is packed with hot stores, including new business model stores.
    “Ippudo,” a Hakata ramen restaurant, “Panda Express,” an American-born Chinese restaurant, “Potamelt,” a melt-in-your-mouth sandwich shop, and “Komeraku,” a creative rice soaked in dashi soup specialty restaurant.
    In addition to the food court, the seaside area offers easy-to-eat crepes and nugget-like snacks at the plaza.
    There is also a full take-out menu, and on fine days, you can enjoy your lunch or snack under the benches and parasols of the seaside park while soaking up the pleasant sea breeze.


Some of the restaurants at Rinku Premium Outlets are listed below.

“KUA`AINA” on the 2nd floor of the main side area specializes in gourmet burgers born in Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii.

Main area Restaurant & Cafe

  • Mametora
  • Many of the restaurants in the main area offer a relaxing place to sit down and enjoy a meal.
    On the 1st floor, “Starbucks” and “bagel specialty stores” are located.
    On the 2nd floor, there are Japanese restaurants including tempura, gourmet burgers originating from Hawaii, Korean food, and Chinese food.
    All of these stores are popular, and especially during lunchtime on holidays, the 2nd floor stores are very crowded with people waiting in line.

Seaside area Restaurant & Cafe

  • Snow Peak Eat
  • Many of the restaurants in the main area offer a relaxing place to sit down and enjoy a meal.
    On the 1st floor, “Starbucks” and “bagel specialty stores” are located.
    On the 2nd floor, there are Japanese restaurants including tempura, gourmet burgers originating from Hawaii, Korean food, and Chinese food.
    All of these stores are popular, and especially during lunchtime on holidays, the 2nd floor stores are very crowded with people waiting in line.


“Rinku Premium Outlets” is a 6-minute walk from Rinku Town Station.
The station is shared by the Nankai Main Line and JR Hanwa Line, so you can go out with only one train from either “sano no yado” or “Gomon no yado” station.
Especially from “sano no yado”, it only takes about 15 minutes by bicycle.
The area is surrounded by a seaside park “Rinku Park”, a shopping mall “Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle” with a Giant Ferris Wheel “Rinku no Hoshi” and a super public bath “Rinku no Yu”, so you can enjoy the whole day.
The parking lot is very large, so if you can go out by car, why not extend your visit to “Sennan Long Park” or “AEON MALL Rinku Sennan” located beyond the Tajiri Sky Bridge?

Route from sano no yado

Route from Gomon no yado

Rinku Premium Outlets Official Web Site

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