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The following is a list of events, deals, and attractions near the inn from "Sangimi no Yado".

Let’s have lunch around Rinku Premium Outlets!


Rinku Premium Outlets

Let’s have lunch at Rinku Premium Outlets!

Rinku Premium Outlets, a seaside outlet mall with an extraordinary atmosphere.
The huge seaside outlet mall, the largest in western Japan and the second largest in Japan in terms of sales floor space, is packed with attractions. It houses about 250 stores selling famous domestic and foreign brands.
Nearby is “Rinku Park”, a seaside park, “Rinku no Hoshi”, a giant Ferris wheel overlooking Kansai International Airport, and “Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle”, a shopping mall with a super public bath, “Rinku no Yu”, making it an area where visitors can play all day long.

'Rinku Gate Tower Building' and 'Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle.'
“Rinku Gate Tower Building” and “Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle”.

This article introduces “Rinku Premium Outlets” with a focus on gourmet food.

Features of Rinku Premium Outlets restaurants

The majority of visitors to the outlets come primarily for shopping.
Each of the two areas in the outlet also has a food court, so you will probably be able to eat without much of a wait, except during sale periods.
On the other hand, the restaurants in the outlets can be crowded with people waiting in line on holidays.
The menus are more like hamburgers, sandwiches, rice bowls, noodles, and other quick eats rather than a place where you can sit down and enjoy the food.
Many of the restaurants offer takeout menus so that customers can enjoy the perfect seaside location while watching the planes take off from the airport on the other side of the river.
There are many benches, sofas, and tables throughout the outlet, so if it is crowded, it is recommended to buy takeout and eat outside.

  • Gourmet events are sometimes held on weekends.

    Kitchen cars sometimes come to the plaza in the main side area. The photo shows the event at the end of October 2021.

  • Kitchen cars will come to the plaza in the main side area.

Lines are inevitable on weekends and holidays!

Lunch time on holidays.
At “Rinku Premium Outlets”, people often queue up at the restaurants.
Especially during the semi-annual sales season, the parking lots and surrounding roads can become very crowded in the afternoon.
In order to enjoy shopping efficiently within a short schedule during your trip, it is recommended to check information on restaurants and food courts in advance to ensure a smooth trip.

Mainside Area

The main side area with a resort-like atmosphere, recreating the streetscape of Charleston, a port city in South Carolina, U.S.A.

Restaurants in the main side area include “Starbucks” and bagel specialty stores on the first floor, and Japanese food such as tempura, gourmet burgers that originated in Hawaii, Korean food, and Chinese food (specialty noodle stores) on the second floor.
All of these stores are popular, and especially during lunchtime on holidays, the 2nd floor stores are very crowded with people standing in line. If it is sale time, it is recommended to enter the store early, before the crowds arrive at 11:00 a.m.

Food court

World Gourmet Junction is located under the clock tower in the main side area plaza.
Main side area plaza

World Gourmet Junction, a food court in the main side area, has been around since “Rinku Premium Outlets” first opened.
It is a space where you can enjoy multinational meals, offering a wide variety of dishes such as ramen, sushi, takoyaki, bibimbap, omelette rice, crepes, and waffles.
With plenty of seating, this food court is especially recommended for large groups or those who want a quick meal in a limited time.

  • Perfect for spending a break between shopping.The food court has been popular since the outlet first opened.
  • The food court is spaciously designed.The food court is spaciously designed.
  • On the same floor are restrooms, a nursing room (for women only), an ATM, and coin lockers.On the same floor are restrooms, a nursing room (for women only), an ATM, and coin lockers.


Restaurants in the main side area include two cafes on the first floor, one specializing in bagels and the other Starbucks, and four restaurants on the second floor.
All of the restaurants are crowded at lunchtime and form lines on holidays.


  • Located on the 2nd floor of the main side area, “Kua’aina” is a gourmet burger specialty restaurant born in Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii.
    A wide variety of customization is available, and you can choose not only the ingredients, but also the type of bun and cheese.
    Seats with a view of the ocean are also available, and the Hawaiian interior design creates an extraordinary feeling.


  • “Japanese Tempura Mametora” is located on the 2nd floor of the main side area.
    It serves seasonal Obanzai (side dishes), Tendon (tempura rice bowl) topped with a large shrimp, Chicken Karaage, Sashimi Set Meal, and other dishes.
    The restaurant has a bright atmosphere but is decorated in a Japanese style, which will soothe your shopping fatigue along with your meal.

Bagel & Bagel

  • “Bagel & Bagel” is located on the first floor of the main side area.
    With a wide variety of bagels, this popular store is visited by many people for bagel sandwiches for lunch and sweet muffins and coffee for a break.
    Of course, take-out is available, and we recommend buying bagels as souvenirs to take home, along with the original cream cheese sold in the store.

Pick Up – Kua’aina

  • Kua Aina offers a wide variety of customization options.
    The standard style is a meaty patty with fresh green leaf tomatoes.
    Buns are available in Kaiser roll or limited Colby Jack cheese. Change the bun to a loaf of bread and it becomes a sandwich.
    It is well seasoned, but ketchup mustard is also available in the restaurant, so you can further explore your own taste.
    The way you eat it is up to you. You can eat it as is, unpick it, take it apart, or wrap it in a burger bag and crush it up.
    If you have difficulty eating it, you can have it cut in half when served, or use a knife or fork.
    I had it the “crush” way, where you wrap the burger in the bag and crush it.
    I have been eating it that way ever since I was told that the sauce that collects at the bottom of the bag after finishing the burger is delicious on or over fries or onion rings.
  • Kua’aina

Sunlight and sea. The “Seaside Area” with a sense of freedom.

The seaside area also offers a food court, restaurants, and snacks like crepes and nuggets that can be easily eaten on benches in the plaza.
The food court also offers a full take-out menu, and since the seaside park introduced earlier is located right next to the park, visitors can enjoy lunch and snacks while taking in the pleasant sea breeze on a sunny day.

Food court

Rinku Dining

The “Rinku Dining” food court in the seaside area has a different atmosphere from the main side area.
It features a variety of popular restaurants, including “Ippudo”, a Hakata ramen restaurant, “Panda Express”, an American-born Chinese restaurant, “Potamelt”, which offers NY-style melt-in-your-mouth sandwiches, and a new branch of “Komeraku”, a restaurant specializing in creative dashi chazuke (green tea with dashi broth).
A full takeout menu is also available, and we recommend having lunch on a bench or under a parasol in Seaside Park.
Also, although the food court is located on the 3rd floor, it is a barrier-free space with a large elevator that accepts strollers and wheelchairs.

  • The hall is designed to resemble a ship.Rinku Dining just opened in 2020.
  • Designed to be spacious, with lots of windows to let in sunlight.Designed to be spacious, with lots of windows to let in sunlight.
  • Filters are installed on the windows to protect against sunlight.The location is perfect with a view of the ocean from the window.


Two stores, “Tully’s Coffee” and “Starbucks Coffee”, are located on the first floor.
The restaurant is operated by “Sandaya Honten”, which is widely open in Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo, and offers not only meals but also take-out menus such as croquettes and sandwiches.
In addition, on the Seaside Park side of the 2nd floor, there is the “Snow Peak Eat” restaurant, which is attached to “Snow Peak”. This restaurant serves food prepared using camping equipment.
Take-out is also available here, so you can enjoy the feeling of glamping in the Seaside Park.

Snow Peak Eat

  • This restaurant is attached to “Snow Peak”, an outdoor brand that originated in Niigata, Japan. The restaurant offers dishes that make use of the camping cooking goods manufactured by “Snow Peak”.
    The large windows overlook Osaka Bay, allowing diners to enjoy a meal as if they were actually camping.
    A full take-out menu is also available. With a lunch box in hand, you can also visit the nearby Rinku Park and other places.
  • Snow Peak Eat

Sandaya Honten

  • This is the outlet mall store of the famous “Sandaya Honten”, which has its main store in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture.
    It is famous for its Kuroge Wagyu and Kobe beef steaks, as well as its loin ham, which is made from carefully selected high-quality pork loin and carefully finished using traditional methods.
    The takeout menu includes a variety of dishes that can be easily eaten outside, such as beef filet cutlet sandwiches and loin ham baguettes.
  • Sandaya Honten

Starbucks Coffee -Seaside Area-

  • There are Starbucks Coffee shops in both the Main and Seaside areas.
    Both locations have plenty of eat-in seating, but the Seaside Area location has more sofa seating, so you can enjoy your coffee in a more relaxed atmosphere.
    Of course, coffee beans, goods for sale, and limited time beverage offerings are also available.
  • Starbucks Coffee -Seaside Area-

Pick Up – Snow Peak Eat

  • “Snow Peak Eat” serves food that makes use of its own camping cooking goods.
    All the equipment used in the restaurant is also unified with camping goods.
    There is also seating in tents, and many goods that can be purchased at the store right next door are also used.
    The main dishes are a variety of meats and fish prepared in a Dutch oven using “baking,” “boiling,” and “steaming” methods.
    You can enjoy “ancient vegetables” that have the character of Japan’s ancient climate, bacon and nuts smoked in a compact smoker, and “Dutch Baby,” a German pancake made in a Dutch oven, for dessert.
    The dish in the photo is the “BBQ Spare Ribs” from the lunch menu.
  • Snow Peak Eat - Lunch BBQ Spare Ribs

Fast Food

The seaside area has a courtyard plaza, where fast food items such as crepes, nuggets, and ice cream are served that can be eaten with one hand.
It also covers the situation where you have limited time to shop and don’t have time to sit down and relax, but are hungry.

  • Seaside area plaza

    There are three fast food restaurants in the plaza and 31 Ice cream(Baskin-Robbins) shop a short distance away.
    Many benches are provided, making it very convenient to take a break.

  • Seaside area plaza

There are also restaurants in “Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle” connected by a pedestrian bridge.

“Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle”, connected to Rinku Town Station and Rinku Premium Outlets by pedestrian bridges, is a shopping mall with a Ferris wheel as its landmark.
There are also many restaurants in this Seacrule.
The restaurants in Seacrue include fast food restaurants, family restaurants, ramen, curry, yakiniku, sushi, and other family-oriented restaurants that are not found in the outlets.
Furthermore, the “Mogumogu Kitchen” food court has seats with table and chair height adjusted for small children, as well as a kids’ corner, childcare room, and nursing room, creating a comfortable dining environment for families with infants and preschoolers.

  • A wide variety of restaurants, from familiar favorites to famous South Osaka eateries, line the streets.A wide variety of restaurants, from familiar favorites to famous South Osaka eateries, line the streets.
  • Food court - Mogmog Kitchen.Food court “Mogmog Kitchen”.
  • Playmats and childcare rooms are available, and guests with infants and toddlers are welcome.Playmats and childcare rooms are available, and guests with infants and toddlers are welcome.


“Rinku Premium Outlets” is a 6-minute walk from Rinku Town Station.
The station is shared by the Nankai Main Line and JR Hanwa Line, so you can go out with only one train from either “sano no yado” or “Gomon no yado” station.
Especially from “sano no yado”, it only takes about 15 minutes by bicycle.
The area is surrounded by a seaside park “Rinku Park”, a shopping mall “Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle” with a Giant Ferris Wheel “Rinku no Hoshi” and a super public bath “Rinku no Yu”, so you can enjoy the whole day.
The parking lot is very large, so if you can go out by car, why not extend your visit to “Sennan Long Park” or “AEON MALL Rinku Sennan” located beyond the Tajiri Sky Bridge?


Route from sano no yado.

Route from Gomon no yado.

Rinku Premium Outlets Official Web site

Shop at Rinku Premium Outlets, the largest in western Japan!

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